Review: Zuma Natural Foods in Mancos, CO

A great place in Colorado to take a break, grab a great cup of coffee, and enjoy some gluten-free fare. Kudos to the owners.

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Zuma Natural Foods
121 Railroad Avenue
Mancos, CO 81328

We were headed West on Route 160 when the unique wooden entrance-way to Zuma Natural Foods caught our eye. We missed the access road so we had to turn around. No big deal – it was worth it!

The atmosphere in Zuma was a cross between Wild West Shoppe and organic grocer, with neat wooden carvings, tasteful western artwork and terra cotta colored walls. Even the clientele had a cowboy type appeal. So I was little surprised, but pleasantly so, by the excellent variety of gluten-free foods available here.

Some of the gluten-free foods offered included soups, condiments, energy bars, snack crackers, cookies, baking mixes, pasta, snack chips and more. But that was just in one clearly labeled section. The foods throughout the rest of the store were natural and healthy, and any knowledgeable or veteran gluten-free shopper could spot…

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Gluten-Free Goodies at Whole Earth Center

Date of Visit:  2-9-11
Whole Earth Center
360 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Out of bread, snacks and patience during my cross-country adventure, my face became bright with hope as the Whole Earth Center on the eastern side of Princeton came into view. 

When I walked in, the store’s aromas soothed my mind, wooing me into a better mood.  An oasis of healthy living, its shelves loaded with organic goods, a deli offering gluten-free options, and an entire separate area dedicated to colorful produce from local growers.  As I had anticipated, the prices were a little higher than I was used to, but in the face of hunger, one has to make choices.

I chose a loaf of frozen bread for $7.19 and couldn’t resist the fresh-baked gluten-free cookies despite their $11/pound price.  Their assortment was excellent – at least 6 different flavors – and the homemade consistency and flavor were exceptional – worth every penny.  Even my non-gluten-free partner enjoyed them.

The staff was helpful and friendly, and the bathrooms were clean.

If you’re on the road and in need of something good to eat – stop in to the Whole Earth Center.