Oscar Mayer Gluten Free Delifresh Honey Smoked Turkey Breast & Recipe

oscar-mayer-deli-fresh-cold-cutsFinally. Cold cuts that actually say they are gluten-free, right on the package. Yay! And keep in mind, I have coldcutslimeophobia. YES, that is a REAL thing! And that means if the cold cuts are the least bit slimy or sweaty or what-have-you, they turn my stomach and then go in the trash. So when I tried this Oscar Mayer Delifresh Honey Smoked Turkey Breast, I was not only pleasantly surprised, but extremely pleased. They’re not filled with gristle or fatty pockets. They have excellent texture and flavor, and they keep in the fridge for a surprisingly long time after you’ve opened them. Much longer than cold cuts you get at the deli counter. Those are usually over the top of my slime-meter within three days.

And the news gets even better. Continue reading

Good Foods Gluten-Free Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad

chicken-salad-img_20161128_172455171Thank you, Costco, for this delightful chicken salad. (I found it at Costco, not sure where else it might be available.) It’s chock full of high-quality white meat chicken, and is conveniently packaged into eight single-serving cups so they’re easy to take along on picnics or travel, and there’s no measuring for portions if you’re on a diet. I normally don’t eat food with almonds in it (salicylate sensitivity), but this is too good to pass up. It’s clearly marked on the packaging that it’s gluten-free, too. So yay for that!

The taste? Well, the cranberries are not bitter (they’re prepared with sugar…), and the celery seems slightly pickled – and sweet. I’d definitely consider this on the SWEET side. If you like that kind of thing, then this is for you.

chicken-salad-img_20160821_095444494But, can chicken salad be healthy with all that mayonnaise? Good Foods doesn’t use mayonnaise – they use low-fat Greek yogurt. One four ounce serving-size cup contains 140 calories, 4g fat, 12 carbs, 1g fiber, and 14g of protein. Not too shabby. And, it’s affordable, too. I am pretty sure the last time I purchased it, it went for $9.99 for all 8 servings.

If I know I’m going to have a particularly busy week, I’ll buy a package of these and put them in the fridge so I can grab a quick lunch that is as complicated as putting lettuce on a plate and opening one of these cups. Pretty easy.



Betty Lou’s “Just Great Stuff” Bars

just-great-stuff-1These Betty Lou’s “Just Great Stuff” antioxidant, organic, gluten-free, vegan bars contain lots of servings of fruits and/or vegetables. Fruits? Sure, yum, right? But vegetables? I see some of you making faces out there. Okay, maybe it was just me.

I have to say, the thought of eating the Fruit + Veggie bar, which contains antioxidants equivalent to 11 servings of spinach, carrots, and dates, seemed mildly horrifying to me. And that first, soft bite was filled with spinach flavor. I wasn’t certain this was going to happen for me. But then, I realized it was mostly the consistency that I had an issue with, so I put the bar in the refrigerator. BAM! SO much better, and for some reason, I tasted more dates (and a hint of banana) than I did the first time. I could still taste the spinach, but it blended in nicely with the other flavors. And I enjoyed it! Shush! Please, please don’t tell my mother I actually ate my vegetables. Continue reading

Wild Planet Gluten-Free Tuna Rocks – Because Not All Tuna Is Gluten-Free!!

wild planet gluten free albacore tunaYes, you heard that correctly. I bet you, like I used to, thought tuna was safe from gluten because it’s fish. Well, think again. Most of those cans say “packed in water” – right? Well, guess what? It’s not really water. It’s vegetable broth or chicken broth – and guess what? That’s got gluten in it.

I’ve only come across three types of tuna available in mainstream grocery stores which are gluten-free: Bumble Bee Albacore (gold and black label),  certain Starkist products, and Wild Planet. I have to say, there’s no contest in taste and consistency. Wild Planet wins that by a long shot.

But that’s not the only reason Wild Planet wins my business. It is 100% pure tuna and sea salt – nothing else. AND no BPA is used in the can lining. AND it’s, of course, non GMO. AND – they are pole and troll caught. That means they are dolphin and sea turtle safe! Even better, though – Wild Planet catches smaller tuna that accumulate less mercury than the bigger fish.

When you open a can of Wild Planet, you will see an actual chunk of fish. It’s not a bunch of fish pressed together. You need a fork to get it out. And maybe a knife! This is the real deal, people! Since no liquid is added, you don’t have to drain it like you do with other brands. AND, it’s a pop top! No pesky can opener required.

Are you convinced yet? Come on! Let me tell you, every person I have coerced – I mean – convinced to buy a can has never gone back to the other brands. Yes, it’s really THAT good.

Catch? There’s no catch (other than the tuna. Sorry, bad fish pun). The only thing you might like to know is that the cans are not labeled gluten-free. You can check Wild Planet’s website – in the FAQs they state that the tuna is gluten-free. Just to be sure, however, I contacted them directly (by the way, they are super nice people!), and within a couple of days, I received this response:

…our tuna is gluten free but it is on our site  and not the can label.  Our organic chicken is the only one that is listed on the top label of the can. The gluten free statement is listed in each of our site product descriptions.  Our canneries have chosen not to be certified at this time, however gluten products are not handled in our present canneries.   Plus we have tested all of our products including the tuna and they have all tested gluten free.”

So you can rest assured, it’s all gluten-free. Great product, great people, and gluten-free. GO GET SOME NOW!

And don’t ruin the fish by putting a lot of stuff in your tuna salad. A little bit of mayo mixed with a little bit of sour cream (sour cream is way lower in calories and fat than mayo, and has a lighter flavor) and some chopped celery and you will have the best tasting tuna sandwich EVER. I also like to eat it like dip on tortilla and potato chips. SO good!

If you want to try  Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna but you’re a little iffy about the price, check your neighborhood Costco. They offer a pack of six at a great price.


Easy Gluten-Free Onion Dip Recipe

GF onion dip ingredients IMG_2481 This simple, quick, and easy gluten-free onion dip recipe is a great way to ensure that you will have something safe to eat at pot luck parties, office events, etc. The only catch is – make sure to throw it together the night before. It really needs to sit overnight so the onion flavor can permeate.

Remember those extra onions we sauteed? Grab those, your favorite plain yogurt, and your Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. That is a gluten-free staple in my house! There’s really no “recipe”here – the quantities all depend upon your personal taste. Want it with more bite? Use more Lea & Perrins. Want it more oniony? You know what I’m getting at.

Mix it in a nice container, let it sit overnight, stir, and boom – you’ve got a great tasting, healthy, and gluten-free onion dip. Serve with your favorite gluten-free dipping chips.

GF onion dip IMG_2484


Gluten-Free Luna Lemon Zest Bar

Gluten-free lemon zest Luna BarYou read that title correctly: Luna is now making some of their snack bars gluten-free. Finally!

I’d eaten some Luna bars in the past because the ingredients didn’t include wheat. And their lemon flavor was one that I found to be “okay.” But the new, gluten-free version is packed with excellent lemony flavor, and is chewy and crispy at the same time. I call this one a winner!

The amazing thing about this new edition is that it’s also low-glycemic and certified organic.

Stats: 180 calories, 5 g fat, 0 cholesterol, 27 carbs, 9 g protein.

Unfortunately, it contains organic roasted soybeans and organic soy flour – and I try to stay away from soy. Otherwise, I’d keep this bar on hand all the time. But for anyone else, if you like lemon, grab up a bunch when you see them on sale.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – not soy free.

Lemon Zest Luna Bar Gluten-free

Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Protein Puck Gluten Free and Vegan Bar

PROTEIN PUCK IMG_3337Hockey lovers – here’s one for you. Actually, this is for anyone who’s gluten-free.

It’s the Protein Puck. Perfectly round, but not quite regulation size. (sorry, that was a hockey pun, people!) I discovered these at Eagle Ice Arena in Spokane, but I’ve seen them sold elsewhere.

It looks more like a pre-made hamburger patty than a puck, actually. This is also one of those cases where you open a package and eat the entire thing only to find out it was two servings, not one. That’s quite common with these snacks and cookies. However, the next time I purchased one, I didn’t find it that difficult to portion it at all. It is very dense and filling.

Protein Puck IMG_3339If you like almonds, you will love this. The Protein Puck is certified gluten-free. You can learn more about them at http://www.myproteinpuck.com/.



PanaPesca Hardshell Clams

924 hardshell clamsSweet, tender, delicious steamed clams. Having grown up near the New England coast, I know a thing or two or three about seafood. I also know that living here in the inland Pacific Northwest, I can’t find too much of those wonderful dishes out here. Or – not at least that I could afford.

But I made a wonderful discovery the other day. Seafood isn’t something people (at least not me) like to take a chance on. If I think it’s going to be disgusting, what’s the point. So when I saw a one pound package of frozen hardshell clams on sale at my local Safeway for $3.49, I was skeptical. Native New Englanders have long said “bah humbug” to frozen seafood. Longing for something different on my gluten-free, soy-free, salicylate-free diet, however, I gave in and made the purchase. And I am so glad I did!

Quick and easy: one pot, one plate and less than ten minutes meant a fast, delicious meal and easy clean-up. I followed the “Classic Steamers” recipe on the back of the package and these clams were perfect in 5 minutes of cooking time. And yes, it gets better.

They say one serving per bag. That means not having to share. I love that. I also love the 89 calories, .9 grams of fat, the 12 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbs, and 38% of the daily recommendation of iron.

These clams were so sweet and delicious that I needed very little butter on them. They’d be great with a little garlic and tossed with pasta. I’m too lazy for that, though. Boil & eat – no thawing – that’s for me!

I do have one regret: I only bought one bag! Must go back and get more!


926 steamed clams

Gorton’s Gluten-Free Grilled Salmon Fillets

672 salmonThank you, Gortons, for this delicious, gluten-free fish. The Classic Grilled Gluten-Free Salmon Fillets are definitely winners. Sure, it would be easy enough to pawn nasty salmon off on those poor Celiac people, but no. Good stuff. Trust me.

Like their grilled pollock, I found it amusing to discover two pieces of frozen fish resembling bricks. (Hmmm… fish bricks and fish sticks?) But I have to admit, these did cook up very nicely. No nasty, fatty veins or slimy, pungent brown sections. Just nice, tasty, pink wild-caught salmon. I like salmon on salad, and when I broke this piece up, I actually found a bone in it. So, yeah, it’s real fish.

I find salmon to be more filling than white fish, which makes these servings quite generous. Each brick has 90 calories, 2g fat, 350mg sodium, only 3g carbs, and 15g protein.

And, I got these on sale for $2.99 a box. That’s an incredibly reasonable per pound price for salmon.

You can read more about these at http://gortons.com/product/classic-grilled-salmon and you can learn about all of Gortons’ gluten-free fish at http://gortons.com/products-browse?category=49&species=All



687 gortons salmon


Glenny’s Gluten Free Whole Fruit & Nut Bar

499 glennys cashew barsWhen I opened the little sleeve on this Glenny’s Cashew & Almond Whole Fruit & Nut bar and saw that it was literally packed with nuts, I thought, oh my, this thing is going to break my teeth like those Nature Valley things did. HA! I was really, really wrong.

The consistency was great; each hearty bite was pleasant tasting, slightly sweet, and contained the occasional burst of almond flavor. No nasty crumbling or chipping or any mess at all, so these would be great on road trips while in the car, plane, hotel, whatever.

The ingredients are all natural, contain no soy, and each bar has 140 calories, 7 grams of fat (0 trans fat), 0mg of Cholesterol!, 16g carbs, and 3g protein. Frankly, I’m a little surprised at how little protein is in them since they are mostly nuts.

I purchased this box of 5 bars at WalMart. Like so many gluten-free foods, these are made in Canada (catch up, US!). You can learn more about these (and all the other Glenny’s gluten-free foods) at http://www.glennys.com/products/all-natural-fruit-nut-bars.html