Wild Planet Gluten-Free Tuna Rocks – Because Not All Tuna Is Gluten-Free!!

wild planet gluten free albacore tunaYes, you heard that correctly. I bet you, like I used to, thought tuna was safe from gluten because it’s fish. Well, think again. Most of those cans say “packed in water” – right? Well, guess what? It’s not really water. It’s vegetable broth or chicken broth – and guess what? That’s got gluten in it.

I’ve only come across three types of tuna available in mainstream grocery stores which are gluten-free: Bumble Bee Albacore (gold and black label),  certain Starkist products, and Wild Planet. I have to say, there’s no contest in taste and consistency. Wild Planet wins that by a long shot.

But that’s not the only reason Wild Planet wins my business. It is 100% pure tuna and sea salt – nothing else. AND no BPA is used in the can lining. AND it’s, of course, non GMO. AND – they are pole and troll caught. That means they are dolphin and sea turtle safe! Even better, though – Wild Planet catches smaller tuna that accumulate less mercury than the bigger fish.

When you open a can of Wild Planet, you will see an actual chunk of fish. It’s not a bunch of fish pressed together. You need a fork to get it out. And maybe a knife! This is the real deal, people! Since no liquid is added, you don’t have to drain it like you do with other brands. AND, it’s a pop top! No pesky can opener required.

Are you convinced yet? Come on! Let me tell you, every person I have coerced – I mean – convinced to buy a can has never gone back to the other brands. Yes, it’s really THAT good.

Catch? There’s no catch (other than the tuna. Sorry, bad fish pun). The only thing you might like to know is that the cans are not labeled gluten-free. You can check Wild Planet’s website – in the FAQs they state that the tuna is gluten-free. Just to be sure, however, I contacted them directly (by the way, they are super nice people!), and within a couple of days, I received this response:

…our tuna is gluten free but it is on our site  and not the can label.  Our organic chicken is the only one that is listed on the top label of the can. The gluten free statement is listed in each of our site product descriptions.  Our canneries have chosen not to be certified at this time, however gluten products are not handled in our present canneries.   Plus we have tested all of our products including the tuna and they have all tested gluten free.”

So you can rest assured, it’s all gluten-free. Great product, great people, and gluten-free. GO GET SOME NOW!

And don’t ruin the fish by putting a lot of stuff in your tuna salad. A little bit of mayo mixed with a little bit of sour cream (sour cream is way lower in calories and fat than mayo, and has a lighter flavor) and some chopped celery and you will have the best tasting tuna sandwich EVER. I also like to eat it like dip on tortilla and potato chips. SO good!

If you want to try  Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna but you’re a little iffy about the price, check your neighborhood Costco. They offer a pack of six at a great price.



G/F Salmon Sandwich

salmon sandwich comp IMG_3860The biggest inconvenience about being gluten-free – to me, anyway – is that “quick and easy” meals are hard to find. Gluten-free snacks are either too spicy for me or really high in sugar. So, this quick and easy lunch makes me very happy.


  • Leftover Salmon or Chicken
  • Udi’s White Sandwich Bread (or your favorite)
  • Mayonniase
  • Cucumber
  • Smoked Gouda Cheese

Got leftover salmon? Break it up with a fork. Stir in your favorite mayonnaise, or some cream cheese, or even plain yogurt would work. Toast some Udi’s White Sandwich Bread (or your choice). Udi’s bread is a smaller that most breads, so you can probably use 3 cucumber slices and 3/4 of a slice of cheese to fit nicely. Serve with gluten-free chips or sweet potato fries.

Quick, easy, inexpensive, and above all, classy. Come on, cucumbers on a sandwich? That’s classy!


Lobster Classic Chunk Style by Trans-Ocean

IMG_0471 lobster 1Over three years ago, I wrote about Crab Classic Chunk Style by Trans-Ocean. That’s still available, and I’m still buying it. You can usually get a package at Wal-Mart for $2.50 each. And, there are about two servings per 8 ounce package which makes it pretty affordable.

What I recently discovered was that I could get the Lobster version for the same price. Again, like the crab, this product does not claim to be gluten-free. There is no gluten added, however, unlike the flake and leg styles. Those actually say “contains wheat” in the allergens. MAKE CERTAIN you do not buy those styles if you have a gluten or wheat allergy. It’s easy to confuse them as they all look nearly identical.

I prepare the lobster the same way as I do the crab – chop up some celery, add some mayonnaise (I use canola-based mayo), and instead of just stirring, I use a fork and a knife to break it up into smaller chunks. Then I serve it over salad for a healthy, cool, summertime meal. No salad dressing needed. Great for lunch or dinner.

From their website: “Lobster Classic is a premium blend of wild caught, sustainable Alaska Pollock and real lobster meat. The product has a unique, chunky texture and crisp flavor profile that is unlike other surimi seafoods. Use Lobster Classic for delicious lobster salads, hot casseroles and as a dip style appetizer with cocktail sauce. Certified by the American Heart Association, Lobster Classic is low in fat and cholesterol. It is also a source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA, providing 100mg per 3 oz. serving. It’s fully cooked, making it easy to enjoy seafood while helping build a healthy heart at the same time.”

It’s nice to eat something that tastes good that’s good for you. For more information on this product, go to http://www.trans-ocean.com/lc_chunkstyle.html


Crab Classic Chunk Style by Trans-Ocean

Lunch is the most annoying meal of the day for me.  With the horrible selection of gluten-free breads, sandwiches are not an option.

Seafood salad is also normally not an option as most of the imitation crab products contain wheat.  So, I was glad to discover Crab Classic Chunk Style surimi seafood.  Because it doesn’t say gluten-free on the product, I contacted Trans-Ocean, and their consumer service department replied immediately with this:

“We do not add any gluten containing ingredients to the Lobster Classic Chunk or Crab Classic Chunk formulas.  However, we do not certify these products to be gluten free.  Certification requires specially designed lines which we do not have.  We take all reasonable precautions to avoid cross contamination however we can not eliminate all risk.”

Since I am not that sensitive, that response was good enough for me.  I mixed some canola mayonnaise, light sour cream, chopped celery and a little bit of relish with the Crab Classic to make a delicious seafood salad for lunch.

So, if you are interested in something different for lunch, give Crab Classic a try.  More information on the product, including ingredients is available at:  http://www.trans-ocean.com/cc_chunkstyle.html