EATING RIGHT Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

eating right gluten free mac and cheese IMG_20150312_193400931Okay, I’m not really sure how I feel about Eating Right’s Gluten Free Mac & Cheese. The consistency of the pasta is very good. The cheesy flavor is pretty good. It’s the consistency of that cheese sauce I’m just not sure about. It’s not really all that smooth. It’s sort of “particle-ish” in a sense that it’s not gritty, but you can feel the particles in your mouth. Maybe it’s my microwave, or maybe the ingredients separated somehow. I don’t know. But I’m not a big fan of it.

Maybe I got my hopes too high because I’ve had really good luck with the Eating Right Gluten Free series. But not this time. In any case, here are the nutritional statistics:

380 calories / 16g fat / 50mg cholesterol / 860mg sodium / 47g carbs / 12g protein

It costs $2.99 (regular price) at my local Safeway.

Considering the consistency issue and the heavy duty not-so-healthiness of it, I’ll pass on this next time. I only tried it so I could report back to you-all. Yeesh, I took one for the team. You’re welcome.

Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl by EATING RIGHT

chicken teriyaki IMG_2953As teriyaki goes, I thought this Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl by EATING RIGHT was a little light on flavor. With 930 mg of sodium, I anticipated a little more teriyakiness to it. For $2.99 and gluten-free, it’s hard to knock it. The chunks of real white meat chicken are of good consistency.  There were a couple of soybeans, a few water chestnuts, but no other veggies in this bowl. In their defense, I did try this dish one other time and there were a lot more vegetables in it. So, they don’t seem to be very consistent.

Overall, I probably would not purchase this again. It wasn’t “bad” but it wasn’t all that, either. I wouldn’t have purchased it a second time if I hadn’t been lazy and forgotten to write the review the first time.

Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable Pasta Bake

eating right pasta bake IMG_0279I have to say, this Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable Pasta Bake by Eating Right is one of my new favorites. From the package: Roasted vegetables, rice penne pasta and herbed ricotta cheese in a rich marinara sauce.

It’s good. It’s flavorful. It cooks up well in the microwave. Done in less than 6 minutes. 290 calories, 9 grams of fat, 710mg sodium, 41g carbs, and 11g protein.

Now, for those of us who are meatatarians, here’s what I recommend. Cook as directed on the package – 3 minutes, stir, then 2 minutes. Add one serving of your precooked favorite meat (leftovers work great!) – shredded chicken, sausage, burger, shrimp, whatever, and then cook 30 seconds more. Don’t put too much, though – you don’t want to overpower the flavor of this savory dish. YUM!

I got this for $2.99 regular price from my local Safeway store. Eating Right certainly got it right.


Creamy Polenta & Vegetable Medley

IMG_4360 creamy polentaThis dish by Eating Right is described in small type on the package as creamy polenta and vegetable blend topped with Marsala sauce. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this. The first time I tried it, I assumed by the photo on the package front – which is loaded with diced tomatoes and sprinkled with melty cheese – that it was going to taste like tomato sauce. But instead I got the Marsala sauce, which has a little sweetness to it that just doesn’t seem right with this dish. I thought maybe that since I was expecting one thing but got something else, that might have been my issue with this.

So, I tried it again. This time I added some cooked, cubed chicken for a little more protein. I feel the same way about it. I really think it would be better with tomato sauce (and I’m not a big tomato fan) than with the Marsala. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t taste badly at all, there’s just a disconnect in the flavors, in my humble opinion. And I don’t get the “creamy” in the name – do they mean the polenta is creamy? I dunno.

For $2.99 (at Safeway), 330 calories, 18 grams of fat, and 8 grams of protein…. If I want comfort food, I’d rather go with the Homestyle Chicken & Rice Pasta, which is lower in fat and higher in protein.

Recommended? Eh. I dunno. I won’t be buying it again.

Eating Right Gluten Free Margherita Pizza Review

473 pizza malfunctionStop the presses! This is something to write home about. (Two cliches, one paragraph. You’re welcome.)

Seriously, this EATING RIGHT Gluten Free Margherita Pizza is pretty good, especially for a microwave pizza. For $2.99 (regular prize at my local Safeway), you get a filling, gluten-free personal pizza that takes up to 3 minutes to cook.

The pizza I got seemed to have had a wardrobe malfunction, with the topping slipping down revealing a naked crust. Oh, the humanity! Continue reading

Eating Right Gluten Free Carnitas Bake

BAKED CARNITAS IMG_3876I know what you’re thinking: what’s a Yankee with a sensitive palate doing eating a Carnitas Bake? Answer: living dangerously.

I have to say, this Carnitas Bake by Eating Right is a bit spicy, but I’m picking the green peppers out, so maybe that’s toning it down a bit. Okay, and I’m also picking out whatever looks like a red pepper.  I will be honest, I actually like this.

It does have a kick to it, but I don’t mind it. The overall flavor is pleasant and a bit on the sweet side. I guess that is balanced out by the peppers for most people. The consistency is fine – I cooked it for 5-1/2 minutes and just the very outside edges of the tortillas got a little hard and crispy. It probably could have gone for 5 instead. There is plenty of meat which is moist and not chewy.

It holds its heat for a nice, long time, too. My only suggestion would be that you might like to add some grated cheese across the top of it. I think it would be great with some guacamole and sour cream.

So, if you want something a little spicy for only about $2.99 – this is a winner. Available at Safeway.


EATING RIGHT Gluten Free Cake Mix – Yellow

eating right yellow cake mix IMG_6666

Not very “yellow” but that’s okay.

Well, this was interesting. I wanted to make a gluten-free spice cake, but Safeway didn’t have any mixes in that flavor. Their new “healthy” EATING RIGHT label offered only yellow cake mix, so around $3.00 per box, I decided to get that and check online to see what spices to add.

I did some searching and found spice information on The Sister’s Cafe:

1 yellow cake mix box
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon allspice or cloves

So, I followed the instructions, added the spices, and commenced to mixing. I went with cloves instead of allspice since the birthday boy has an aversion to the latter. Then, my epiphany: wait a minute, why does it say to “grease or spray a 9×9 cake pan”? Shouldn’t it say PANS – like as in plural?

HA HA not. Even though the picture on the front and back of the box show a two-layer cake, the contents of the box are indeed for only one layer. Oops. That’s probably why it was so inexpensive. Doy.

The birthday recipient always expected a two layer cake: more frosting, you know? (By the way, I always use the Martha Stewart recipe for cream cheese frosting. It works out well.) So, I made two fairly shallow round cakes and baked them for a shorter time.

The day of baking, the cake was surprisingly moist and the consistency was excellent for gluten-free. The spices worked out perfectly, even though they were for TWO cake layers, not just one. But, as the days went by, the flavor faded. It was very strange.

Recommended? Sure. But betware – you will need TWO boxes to make a two layer cake.

EATING RIGHT Ham & Cheese Scramble

ham cheese scramble IMG_9902Earlier this week, we wrote about the SMART ONES Cheesy Scramble with Hash Browns. Here is an alternative, brought to you by EATING RIGHT.

Let me start out by saying that nowhere does Eating Right claim that this is gluten-free. But if you look at the ingredients, you will notice wheat is not listed amongst the allergens at the end. Eggs, soy, and milk the only allergens listed. When you see modified corn starch specified and xanthan gum used – those are normally a good indication there will be no gluten. However, if it is not labeled as so, it is never guaranteed.

I got this “EATING RIGHT” breakfast on sale for around $2.00 at the local Safeway.

EATING RIGHT: 220 Calories, 7 grams of fat, 18 grams of protein, and 730 mg of sodium. A total of about 5.5 minutes cook time. Very easy.

Compared to:

SMART ONES: 210 Calories, 9 grams of fat, 15 grams of protein, and 510 mg of sodium. A total of 3 minutes cook time. Very easy.

Flavor? Pretty good. I was definitely happier with the non-red-pepper overpowering flavor. This was quite pleasant until I got to the end where I guess I had missed stirring during the cook time and all the black pepper had accumulated. Wow! Powerful stuff. So, I decided I would try another one, and be more careful about the stirring. Well, thorough stirring spread that black pepper throughout the dish. I will not be doing that again. I prefer crispy hash browns, and these were not, but they were good. The eggs had good flavor and consistency. The ham was a little dried out, but I like mine that way (since I don’t usually eat ham) so it didn’t bother me at all. The flavor was good as well.

All in all, if you’re starting out a busy day, need a decent protein-laden breakfast, and only have a few minutes – this is another way to go.

EATING RIGHT Gluten Free Homestyle Chicken & Rice Pasta

eating right chicken IMG_3866I do not like peas. I don’t. I’ll eat them, they don’t repulse me or anything, but I find the flavor tends to overpower dishes. So, I ate all the peas out of this first. (Or I tried to, anyway. There were a lot of them.) Problem solved.

So, peas must have been on sale that day because this was loaded with them. There was a generous amount of chicken, but I only saw a few mushrooms, a couple of carrots and one piece of celery. I’m a meatatarian, so that didn’t hurt my feelings any. By the way, the chicken was not overcooked at all. It was a little chewy, but not like pretend chicken nugget processed yuckiness – if you know what I mean. It’s definitely real chicken. The pasta was tender and al dente. Well done, Eating Right.

Despite all my whining and complaining, I really liked this. It has the rich, creamy flavor of a cream of mushroom soup casserole. It’s hearty, and it was hot as hell after cooking it for 6.5 minutes and then letting it sit for 2. I like my food hot, so that made me happy, too. For $2.67 on sale, I am very, very happy. (Normal price $2.99)

Now to the particulars:

340 Calories, 13 grams of fat, 75 mg cholesterol, 700 mg sodium, 36 grams carbs, 20 grams protein.

Okay, so maybe a little high on the fat and sodium, which is probably why it tastes good.

At that price, I’d do it again. Definitely recommended!