Enjoy Life Vanilla Honey Graham Handcrafted Crunchy Cookie

enjoy-life-crunchy-cookie-img_20161116_1854184161I’m really not sure how I feel about these cookies. The consistency wasn’t quite either crunchy or chewy, which I was okay with. (They are labeled as “Handcrafted CRUNCHY COOKIE” but I do beg to differ on that.) The flavor was very subtle: neither vanilla, nor honey, nor graham cracker. It was more like a subdued sugar cookie, very light on the sugar. They’re not bad, but they could really use a bit more flavor, whether that be vanilla, or cinnamon, or even ginger. I am feeling very unfulfilled right now.

These cookies are milk free, nut free, soy free, and of course gluten free. They are also non-GMO verified. Even so, with the price of food today, I’ll be passing on purchasing these. This is one time where I am grateful that I received a sample and didn’t have to pay for a box myself. You can also benefit from the one sample I have of this cookie and find out for yourself if you like it. Just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win this sample.

You can learn more about Enjoy Life’s 7 different crunchy cookies at https://enjoylifefoods.com/our-foods/crunchy-cookies/


Best. Cookies. Ever.

IMG_5723 immaculate cookiesSerious. Dead serious. Not kidding. These cookies are the most awesome cookies ever, even better than glutenous cookies!

Imagine, if you will, the outer edges of a brownie – just a little crispy on the outside but still chewy on the inside. Then imagine an entire cookie exactly like that. That is what the Immaculate Baking Company has created with their Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough. You get 12 balls of dough in a tray. Flatten those out (I use wax paper and the palms of my hands), pop them in the pre-heated oven, and BAM! 15 minutes later you have the most amazing cookies ever. Even my gluten-mongering friends are like OMG with these cookies. Best. Cookies. Ever.

Seriously – you could put some vanilla ice cream and other stuff on them and make a brownie barge type thing but they are so good I hate the idea of actually putting anything on them. I appreciate them all by themselves.

WARNING – do NOT bake all of them at once if you are alone. You will eat them ALL. I tend to cook four at a time right before I bring two to a friend. If I wasn’t bringing them until the next day, I would eat them all. You will not be able to resist. Honestly.

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Safeway or the other stores which carry this product. You won’t be sorry.

More information (including a store finder) is available at www.immaculatebaking.com.

IMG_5739 immaculate cookie


Feeling Kind of ‘Nutty…Franz Macaroons

I was in the grocery store on the hunt for a Gluten-Free nosh.  I was out of my usual stash of snacks, and wanted something satisfying.  Trying to stay gluten-free makes that next to impossible, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that.  The words ‘satisfying’ and ‘gluten-free’ are seldom used to describe the same item.

Curiously, Franz Macaroon Cookies jumped out at me.  I checked the package, and the ingredients:  Dessicated Coconut, Sugar, Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Potato Starch, Dextrose, Egg Whites, Artificial Flavor, Soy Lecithin (Soybean), Nonfat Milk.  Those ingredients certainly didn’t seem dangerous to me, so I decided to purchase the package and check the Franz web site to see if I could get further information about the gluten content.

Their web site, www.usbakery.com did not have the answers I sought, however, a spokesperson for Franz Family Bakeries did reply to my inquiry with incredible speed:  “These cookies are produced in a bakery with other cookies that do contain gluten and on shared equipment.  We do have an allergen washout between production of the other varieties and the macaroon cookies, but there is never a 100% guarantee that there is no gluten present.   At this point, we don’t make the claim that they are gluten free.”

I do not believe I am as sensitive as most people to gluten, so I dug right in.  They are chewy, loaded with coconut, moist, tasty and sweet.  They are, in fact, satisfying when that quick snack urge rears its ugly head.  There are none of the tell-tale drawbacks that normally accompany gluten-free cookies like dryness or grittiness.  These are like the macaroons I enjoyed during my childhood.

Franz’ slogan on the package reads “The Good Cookie.”  And their macaroons certainly are good!

Franz is the largest family-owned independent bakery on the West Coast.  Their products are available primarily in the Pacific Northwest.  For more information, please visit their web site www.usbakery.com

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