Betty Lou’s Gluten-Free Smackers

smackers-betty-lou-gluten-free-biteWell, I was not expecting this. After the amazing and knock-your-socks-off Angell bars, I was expecting Smackers to really wow me. They did not.

I was given two samples – one Caramel Peanut flavor, and one Peanut Butter which is a milk chocolate-covered peanut butter patty. I elected to try the first.

The consistency was more like a sports protein bar than a candy bar, which surprised me. Also, the amazing chocolate flavor of the Angell bar did not happen here. I couldn’t really taste the chocolate or the caramel, and the peanut nougat flavor was very, very mild.

Compared to a candy bar, this was disappointing. Compared to a sports nutrition bar, this was pleasant. I’m really not certain which Betty Lou’s is going for here, so it’s hard to make a determination. Continue reading


Betty Lou’s Energy Balls

img_20161115_161246083-nuts-over-chocolate-energy-ballI’m becoming an enormous fan of Betty Lou’s. Her energy balls are just great. I’ve tried three different flavors so far:  Paleo Java with cacao, coffee and pumpkin seeds, Coconut Macadamia, and the Vegan Protein Plus Chocolate Hazelnut. I have also had something which now confuses me since I can’t find it in the store again; it was like an energy ball but it was filled with creamy hazelnut butter. That was TO DIE FOR. I looked for it again in the store tonight, but unfortunately couldn’t find it. The Sprouts I shop at is a little smaller than some of the others I’ve been to, where I found that absolutely delicious piece of chocolatey heaven.

Okay, enough drooling. Here is my take on the three I tried this week: Continue reading

Betty Lou’s Gluten-Free Angell Candy Bars

img_20161113_193642355-betty-lous-angell-barsBetty Lou’s…. Mmm mmm mmm! So much deliciousness, so little time!

At this year’s Gluten-Free Expo in Glendale, Arizona, I was introduced to a new line of candy bars from Betty Lou’s: the Angell bar. They are non-GMO, vegetarian, gluten-free, and organic. So, they probably can’t taste good, can they? OH YES THEY CAN.

These candy bars are perfect for me because the only soy is in the lecithin, and two of them don’t contain almonds. I really had to pace myself with these – do you have any idea how hard it was NOT to eat them all at once? Wow, willpower!

The three bars I’ve tried are: Continue reading

Curate Indulgent Dark Chocolate & Hazelnuts Bar

curate gluten free barI have to admit, I was skeptical at first about this Curate bar because of its appearance. The seeds in it gave me the impression it was going to have a more earthy flavor. I am so glad I was wrong.

The Curate Indulgent Dark Chocolate & Hazelnuts bar was excellent. Good cocoa flavor. I didn’t really taste the hazelnut – I thought it had more of a chocolate/fruity flavor. At first I thought maybe there were dates in it, but there aren’t. It could be the agave nectar syrup. Who knows. Honestly, I don’t care. I like it.

This bar is non-GMO and gluten-free. I can pronounce all the ingredients, and I know what they all are. Here are the nutritional stats:

Serving size – 1 bar

Calories – 200; Total fat – 11g; Total carbs – 22; Fiber – 4g; Protein – 6g.

This is one of the best tasting snack bars I’ve run into to date – flavor, consistency, and appearance. Nothing worse than trying to convince yourself to eat something that looks like a coyote turd. You won’t have that problem with a Curate bar. Learn more about them at

Highly recommended.

French Meadow Bakery Fudge Brownie

152 french meadow brownieMmmm…chocolately. French Meadow Bakery knows how to use chocolate, that’s for sure. I also had their chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and man, oh man were those good. I found the cake part to be just a little bit dry, but the icing made up for it. That, and a cold glass of milk.

The brownies are moist in the middle but just a little dry and crumbly on the outside. Dry, you say? I fixed that with 15 seconds in the microwave and a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream. Definitely a treat. Good consistency. Good flavor.

You can learn more about French Meadow Bakery – which was actually the first Certified Organic Bakery in the USA – at their website:

This one was purchased at the Tripoli Bakery which has quite a few locations in northeastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. (Thanks, Mom!)