Cooking Tip: Sauteed Onions

sautee onions IMG_1872 Single living can make for a lot of food waste. Of course, you can’t buy half an onion, so if you only want to sautee a small amount for a sandwich or omelette, what do you do with the rest? It’ll sit, cut in half, in the refrigerator until it gets nasty. Am I right?

So cook the entire onion.

You might as well – it takes the same time, and just a little more effort to slice up the rest of it. Sautee it until just before it’s done, then divide it up into single-serving sized containers. Freeze those, then take one out whenever you want a sandwich. I prefer to freeze in glass containers, that way I can just pop them in the microwave and defrost/heat them. Once they’re thawed, throw them in with your omelette, sauces, what have you. A quick and easy GLUTEN FREE solution to preventing food waste that adds nice flavor to any meal.

sautee onions IMG_1880


Gluten-Free Guacamole Dip

Guacamole dip yogurt IMG_20150309Have you seen the price of avocados lately? Ey carumba! But you’ve been invited to a party and you need to bring something gluten-free. You wanted to bring guacamole, but…. the sticker shock is just too much for more than a few servings. Well, don’t worry: here’s a way to stretch your guacamole, whether at home or as a party dish.

Use your favorite gluten-free guacamole recipe, or try mine. If you can, make it the night before your event so that the ingredients have time for their flavors to mingle. Right before the party or event or meal, mix in an equal amount of plain Greek yogurt. Of course you can also use sour cream, but the yogurt is healthier and higher in protein.

Money-saving tip: check the “quick sale” or clearance area of your dairy section. Sometimes you will find items marked down 50% because they are approaching their expiration date. The yogurt cup pictured here was 44 cents – vs. $1.39 for the sale price sour cream. If I’m eating this at home, I only mix together as much as I plan on eating and keep the guacamole protected from the air the rest of the time so it doesn’t brown.

Mix well, then serve with your favorite gluten-free tortilla chips (Juanita’s is my absolute favorite brand!).

Juanitas tortilla chips IMG_20150309