I Ate These So You Wouldn’t Have To

That’s right. And you’re welcome.

Here’s a round-up of some foods I can’t recommend. In fact, I shudder to think of them. Here you go:


Okay, I’ve had seaweed before, and I like it, honestly. But this… I don’t know what this was. It was everything I could do to choke one of those cellophane-thin wafers down. I really thought it tasted and smelled like raw sewage. Conversely, I gave them to a friend who absolutely loved them and asked me to buy out every package they had in the store. So, go figure.










These John Soules Foods Seasoned & Thinly Sliced Beef Steaks – “fully cooked restaurant quality” mind you – literally made me sick. I was shocked. They were not spicy in any way – in fact, they were non-descript. I was stunned that they even had seasoned on the packaging. I was especially surprised by this because I have really enjoyed this companies chicken products. I sauteed them (just like I do with the chicken) with sweet onions, and then put them on a Mission gluten-free tortilla with shredded cheese and sour cream. Even with all that yummy stuff – I don’t know where these went wrong, but they did, and in a big way.


After letting it sit – it never absorbed the water….

Bob’s Red Mill is usually a great brand, but this gluten-free oatmeal with flax and chia was nasty, nasty, nasty. I like thick and hearty oatmeal – this was runny and never seemed to absorb the boiling water the way it should. I followed the directions, and even let it sit a little longer in hopes it would thicken up. Nope. And the taste wasn’t great either.

os-trim-beef-and-elk-stickAnd this stuff goes into the NOT HAPPENING category. I couldn’t make myself eat more than three bites – that’s how nasty this is. I was really disappointed, because finding a gluten-free high-protein meat snack is not easy, as you probably know. Beef tastes good, and elk is great – so what they did to this to make it taste so rancid is beyond me. I thought maybe if I wrapped it in cheese, that would overpower the horrible fake sweetener taste, but the cheese was no match for the foul, pungent flavor. Done. Trash. Buh-bye. *shudder*

So there you have it. If you try these foods and don’t agree with me, please let me know. I want to be fair. But I also want to be honest so…. YUCK.

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