QuestBar Gluten Free Protein Bar

quest-bar-1Welcome to another episode of “I ate it so you wouldn’t have to.” You’re welcome.

Okay, call me silly, but I saw cinnamon rolls on the outside of this package (cinnamon roll flavor), saw that it was 4g net carbs and 20g protein, saw that it was made with whey and milk protein instead of soy, and I thought – WINNER! Well, write this down, people: I was wrong.

The consistency is akin to an old squeeze-tube of astronaut food that’s starting to solidify. (Check out the beef and vegetables in a tube in case you were born after 1964. Smart aleck.) At least you can sink your teeth quest-bar-2into these, so I can get by the borderline grittiness of it. And never mind the color. We won’t even go there. I could get past that, too. But the flavor? It was nothing like cinnamon. Honestly? It tastes like SOAP.

But that’s not all! Silly me went and bought two at the same time because they were on sale.

The double chocolate chunk tastes like chocolatey soap and is more tolerable.

In a pinch, you could get by with these. They’re certainly better than starving. But I will always go back to my Lara Bars if I am given the choice.

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