Wellaby’s Gluten Free Cheese Ups

wellabys-gluten-free-cheese-snacks-closeI’m not really sure what to say about these. Even though they clearly have the image of what they are on the outside of the package, I wasn’t expecting crunchy, hollow triangles. Now the low calorie count (only 110 per serving) and only 15 carbs makes sense.

The ingredients are certainly natural: potato starch, gouda cheese, egg, yeast extract, salt, natural flavoring, paprika. So I have no complaints about those. But I have to say, and you all know by now my sensitivity to flavors – these crackers just don’t have a lot of “oomph.” If I am going to choose a cheese cracker snack, I’m going to go for the Van’s Say Cheese! snack crackers.

I love that these Wellaby’s crackers are manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility, and I find it pretty neat that they are made in Greece, but I can’t give these two thumbs up. The best I can do is a “meh.” Sorry, Wellaby’s. That’s all I got.



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