Winners of the Gluten-Free Freebies

gluten-free-lootCongratulations to everyone who entered the 2-week-long freebie extravaganza!  The folks listed below will be contacted via email. If your name is there, please make sure to reply to the email with your mailing address as well as any food allergies you have besides wheat so we can make sure not to send you anything you’ll react to, and so we can include coupons for other items in your package.

Thanks again for participating!

WINNERS (listed alphabetically):

Melissa Droter Billett (Brazi Bites free bag winner!)

Ladell Black

Heather Chapple

Cheryl (in Washington)

Dana Delamar

Alyssa Esperza

Jen Farnham (Brazi Bites runner up)

Marci Lynn Hanson

Lisa Hoffer

DeAnna Hurst (Brazi Bites runner up)

Shana Jensen

Dawn Kramer

Katherine Kramer (Brazi Bites free bag winner!)

Elaine Lupo (Brazi Bites free bag winner!)

Linda McKinney

Holly McNeil (Brazi Bites runner up)

Judi Rosenberg (Brazi Bites free bag winner!)

Susan Wentz Urhausen (Brazi Bites runner up)

Brazi Bites runners up receive a 50 cents off coupon as well as coupons and some samples. We’ve got plenty to keep everyone happy!

Thanks again everyone for participating, and enjoy your gluten-free goodies!


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