Blake’s Gluten-Free Shepherd’s Pie

blakes-shepherds-pie-1Blake’s wins the gluten-free comfort food crown as far as I’m concerned. Their chicken pot pie (which I review later) is amazing, and their shepherd’s pie is hearty, delicious, and oh-so satisfying.

Each forkful is loaded with savory beef, sweet corn, and real potatoes. The flavors complement each other perfectly. If you’re a fan of shepherd’s pie, you’ve got to try this. You can tell they use simple, high-quality ingredients and that makes this dish all the more enjoyable. From their packaging: “Ingredients: potato, cooked ground beef (raised without antibiotics or animal by-products) organic corn, onion, beef stock, natural flavor, whole milk, butter, salt. No artificial ingredients.” What a pleasure.

Even though it does not say “Gluten-Free” on the packaging, you can be assured that Blake’s Shepherd’s Pie *is* in fact gluten-free. You can find the information


Definitely as advertised!

on their FAQ page where they state: “Our Shepherd’s Pie, Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie, and Hearty Beef Stew are gluten free. We test these meals for the presence of gluten on a regular basis to ensure there is no cross-contact.”

I always cook mine in the microwave – nothing like 5 minutes til deliciousness… – but you can also bake them in a conventional oven, which I’m sure would make them even better.

You can find Blake’s meals in the freezer section at Walmart, Fry’s, and Sprouts. You can plug your zip code into their store locator to find some near you. Now go! This stuff is delicious.



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