Bear Naked’s Gluten-Free Cacao & Cashew Butter Granola

bear-naked-granolaThere are very few good and affordable gluten-free granolas out there, for some bizarre reason. Let me tell you, though, this granola isn’t just good. It’s FREAKING AWESOME. It’s so good, in fact, you can eat it straight out of the bag.

Please note, not ALL Bear Naked granolas are gluten-free. This one is clearly labeled as such (see the upper left-hand corner of the package).

Bear Naked is generous with the chocolate bits in this granola. It’s not too sweet, but has great flavor. And the consistency is just the right amount of chewy and crunchy. This granola is basically perfect! The crunch comes from the rice crisps and the cashews. The chew comes from the whole-grain oats and the pepitas (pumpkin seeds). Add in the chocolate chunks and man, it is one absolutely delicious treat.

You should be able to find this bag of awesomeness at WalMart, Sprouts, and occasionally I find it at Fry’s (Phoenix area). Hopefully more stores will be getting it soon. Are you listening, Bear Naked? To find a store near you, or to get more information on the Cacao + Cashew Butter awesomeness, check out this page.



More Goodies at Cole’s Fine Foods

Here’s a round-up of some more of the delicious menu that you’ll find at Cole’s Fine Foods. Don’t mind if the photos don’t exactly match the specific items. I’m a little disorganized at the moment! Trust me, it’s all good.

coles-perfect-chocolate-cupcakes-032715German Chocolate Cupcake: If you love chocolate, these cupcakes will knock your socks off. The cake part of this treat is bursting with chocolate flavor. It’s so good, it doesn’t even need icing. But it gets icing, and man, this icing is smooth, decadent, and delicious. The coconut filling adds just a hint of creamy sweetness to the center. Honestly, cut this guy in half; don’t eat it all at once. Just wonderful.

coles-pizza-032715Pesto Pizza: It’s what’s for lunch, or what should be. Wonderful flavor, excellent consistency, and one of the great pleasures of eating this pizza is the amazing aroma that fills your senses before each bite. And it tastes exactly how it smells – which isn’t always the case with food.

coles-fine-foods-lemon-bar-img_20150327_171407221Dairy-free Lemon Bars: Yes, the orgasmic lemon bar now has a dairy-free sibling, and without putting them in a taste-test side-by-side, I couldn’t tell the difference. So all you non-dairy folks, get on over to Cole’s and enjoy one of those.

Cole’s now also has even more vegetarian offerings, and an awesome new take-out freezer where you can buy prepared pizza, desserts, pie crusts, and more, and cook them up in your own house. Personally, I’ll leave the cooking to the talented Jeanine, but either way, you’ll always find something excellent at Cole’s.


Cole’s Fine Foods
521 E. Holland, Suite 20
Spokane, WA 99218
Place an order: 509-419-1739

Sabatino’s All Natural Smoked Mozzarella with Artichokes and Garlic Chicken Sausage

sabatinos-sausage-img_20161115_194946743I was first introduced to Sabatino’s products during a shopping trip at Costco. One of the things I love about Costco is the samples. That saves you from wondering if you’re wasting your money on a lot of something that you’re going to hate.

I really do like these sausages. The consistency is excellent, and they cook up very nicely on the grill. I can’t really taste the artichoke, I’ll admit, because if you are familiar with this blog at all, you know I have a freakish sensitivity to spices. Normally, paprika is a foe of mine, but I don’t even taste it in this product. I do, however, taste the pepper. No img_20161115_122313020_hdr-sabatinos-sausagenormal human will have a problem with it, I guarantee you, and it actually adds a nice “bite” to it.

There is no MSG, gluten, soy, or fillers in these sausages, and all the ingredients are pronounceable. These remind me of one of my favorite foods by Bistro Sensations which, for some reason, disappeared off the face of the planet. With that likeness in mind, these are great in an egg scramble or omelette, in a quiche, with pasta, or on a sandwich.

INGREDIENTS: See the image below.


Sabatino’s doesn’t seem to have a website, but you can catch up with them on Facebook or Twitter.


Good Foods Gluten-Free Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad

chicken-salad-img_20161128_172455171Thank you, Costco, for this delightful chicken salad. (I found it at Costco, not sure where else it might be available.) It’s chock full of high-quality white meat chicken, and is conveniently packaged into eight single-serving cups so they’re easy to take along on picnics or travel, and there’s no measuring for portions if you’re on a diet. I normally don’t eat food with almonds in it (salicylate sensitivity), but this is too good to pass up. It’s clearly marked on the packaging that it’s gluten-free, too. So yay for that!

The taste? Well, the cranberries are not bitter (they’re prepared with sugar…), and the celery seems slightly pickled – and sweet. I’d definitely consider this on the SWEET side. If you like that kind of thing, then this is for you.

chicken-salad-img_20160821_095444494But, can chicken salad be healthy with all that mayonnaise? Good Foods doesn’t use mayonnaise – they use low-fat Greek yogurt. One four ounce serving-size cup contains 140 calories, 4g fat, 12 carbs, 1g fiber, and 14g of protein. Not too shabby. And, it’s affordable, too. I am pretty sure the last time I purchased it, it went for $9.99 for all 8 servings.

If I know I’m going to have a particularly busy week, I’ll buy a package of these and put them in the fridge so I can grab a quick lunch that is as complicated as putting lettuce on a plate and opening one of these cups. Pretty easy.



Cole’s Fine Foods: Gluten-Free Quiche

coles-quicheGooey strings of cheese follow your fork as you break off each piece. Fantastic consistency – not rubbery, sweaty egg like some gluten-free quiches, but more thick and hearty. And that’s even after it sat overnight and I microwaved it for 60 seconds. As you all know by now, I’m not a fan of peppers, but this had just the right amount of red peppers to complement the flavor, so I didn’t even pick them out. I know, crazy, right? And the artichoke hearts added such a lovely flavor.

Unlike so many gluten-free quiches, this one holds together so well (yes, and has a flaky, delicious crust that holds together, too), that you can pick it up with one hand and eat it. I’m amazed. That crust was really awesome. I’d love to try it underneath some pumpkin pie (hint, hint).

Another awesome creation by Cole’s Fine Foods. If you don’t live in Spokane, see if they’ll ship one of these babies to you. You’ll love it.


Blake’s Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie

blakes-chicken-pot-pie-gluten-free-img_20160627_084529163_hdrI absolutely love these Blake’s Chicken Pot Pies. OMG so good. I have eaten them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (not in the same day, but I absolutely would…). You can tell that it is all natural and it really does taste homemade. What a nice departure from “churned out” tasteless and unsatisfying gluten-free microwave meals. Thank you, Blake’s.

The first thing you’re probably wondering about is the crust. Well, it’s delicious. Really. I’m sure the consistency would be better if this was baked (but in Phoenix during the summer, no way I’m turning on my oven. How about you try it baked and tell me how it is?) However, the crust is still good. The flavor is a little on the sweet side, but it’s not a gritty crust like a lot of places try to pass off on you. It’s more of a pastry crust. Even though there’s no bottom crust, it’s still just the right amount for this pie.

blakes-chicken-pot-pie-gluten-free-img_20160627_085528482The best part is the big chunks of tasty white meat chicken. In fact, it’s a generous amount of chicken considering the size of the pie. And this isn’t fatty nasty chicken. It’s breast meat – and really good breast meat at that. Add to it the skin-on red potatoes, carrots, and peas in a very smooth and delectable sauce and you have a winning combination.

Believe it or not, I purchased this at Walmart in the gluten-free or healthy eating freezer section (in WA State, and in Phoenix, so it should be available in a Walmart near you). I’ve also found it at Sprouts stores. Sometimes Sprouts will have them on sale for $2.50 each – if you see that sale, stock up!

If you are looking for something hot, hearty, and delicious, this fits the bill. You can read more about Blake’s here.


Wellaby’s Gluten Free Cheese Ups

wellabys-gluten-free-cheese-snacks-closeI’m not really sure what to say about these. Even though they clearly have the image of what they are on the outside of the package, I wasn’t expecting crunchy, hollow triangles. Now the low calorie count (only 110 per serving) and only 15 carbs makes sense.

The ingredients are certainly natural: potato starch, gouda cheese, egg, yeast extract, salt, natural flavoring, paprika. So I have no complaints about those. But I have to say, and you all know by now my sensitivity to flavors – these crackers just don’t have a lot of “oomph.” If I am going to choose a cheese cracker snack, I’m going to go for the Van’s Say Cheese! snack crackers.

I love that these Wellaby’s crackers are manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility, and I find it pretty neat that they are made in Greece, but I can’t give these two thumbs up. The best I can do is a “meh.” Sorry, Wellaby’s. That’s all I got.


Winners of the Gluten-Free Freebies

gluten-free-lootCongratulations to everyone who entered the 2-week-long freebie extravaganza!  The folks listed below will be contacted via email. If your name is there, please make sure to reply to the email with your mailing address as well as any food allergies you have besides wheat so we can make sure not to send you anything you’ll react to, and so we can include coupons for other items in your package.

Thanks again for participating!

WINNERS (listed alphabetically): Continue reading

Blake’s Gluten-Free Shepherd’s Pie

blakes-shepherds-pie-1Blake’s wins the gluten-free comfort food crown as far as I’m concerned. Their chicken pot pie (which I review later) is amazing, and their shepherd’s pie is hearty, delicious, and oh-so satisfying.

Each forkful is loaded with savory beef, sweet corn, and real potatoes. The flavors complement each other perfectly. If you’re a fan of shepherd’s pie, you’ve got to try this. You can tell they use simple, high-quality ingredients and that makes this dish all the more enjoyable. From their packaging: “Ingredients: potato, cooked ground beef (raised without antibiotics or animal by-products) organic corn, onion, beef stock, natural flavor, whole milk, butter, salt. No artificial ingredients.” What a pleasure. Continue reading