Betty Lou’s Gluten-Free Smackers

smackers-betty-lou-gluten-free-biteWell, I was not expecting this. After the amazing and knock-your-socks-off Angell bars, I was expecting Smackers to really wow me. They did not.

I was given two samples – one Caramel Peanut flavor, and one Peanut Butter which is a milk chocolate-covered peanut butter patty. I elected to try the first.

The consistency was more like a sports protein bar than a candy bar, which surprised me. Also, the amazing chocolate flavor of the Angell bar did not happen here. I couldn’t really taste the chocolate or the caramel, and the peanut nougat flavor was very, very mild.

Compared to a candy bar, this was disappointing. Compared to a sports nutrition bar, this was pleasant. I’m really not certain which Betty Lou’s is going for here, so it’s hard to make a determination.

This particular Smacker boasts 5 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein, with only 170 calories. I say “only” because for a large piece of candy, that’s pretty good, and certainly less than a bag of M&Ms which are obviously nowhere nearly as good for you. Betty Lou’s Smackers are, of course, Non-GMO, and the Peanut Butter version is Organic.

Would I rush out to buy this? No. I’d go for the Angell bars because I like more chocolate flavor in my treats. But I think this is a matter of personal taste. Not sure how you’d feel about Smackers? I have one Peanut Butter up for grabs. Leave a comment, and I’ll put you in the jar to win it. US addresses only, please.

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