Enjoy Life Vanilla Honey Graham Handcrafted Crunchy Cookie

enjoy-life-crunchy-cookie-img_20161116_1854184161I’m really not sure how I feel about these cookies. The consistency wasn’t quite either crunchy or chewy, which I was okay with. (They are labeled as “Handcrafted CRUNCHY COOKIE” but I do beg to differ on that.) The flavor was very subtle: neither vanilla, nor honey, nor graham cracker. It was more like a subdued sugar cookie, very light on the sugar. They’re not bad, but they could really use a bit more flavor, whether that be vanilla, or cinnamon, or even ginger. I am feeling very unfulfilled right now.

These cookies are milk free, nut free, soy free, and of course gluten free. They are also non-GMO verified. Even so, with the price of food today, I’ll be passing on purchasing these. This is one time where I am grateful that I received a sample and didn’t have to pay for a box myself. You can also benefit from the one sample I have of this cookie and find out for yourself if you like it. Just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win this sample.

You can learn more about Enjoy Life’s 7 different crunchy cookies at https://enjoylifefoods.com/our-foods/crunchy-cookies/


4 thoughts on “Enjoy Life Vanilla Honey Graham Handcrafted Crunchy Cookie

  1. Perhaps crunched up and used as a crust for a dessert pie of some sort. Then flavorings could be added to enhance the flavor? Just a thought.


    • That’s a great idea. Right now, in Arizona, I don’t do a lot of cooking. I was spoiled with my amazing stove in WA State. When I get back to Washington, hopefully I will have a better oven. Oh, and hopefully I won’t be so lazy.


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