Betty Lou’s Gluten-Free Angell Candy Bars

img_20161113_193642355-betty-lous-angell-barsBetty Lou’s…. Mmm mmm mmm! So much deliciousness, so little time!

At this year’s Gluten-Free Expo in Glendale, Arizona, I was introduced to a new line of candy bars from Betty Lou’s: the Angell bar. They are non-GMO, vegetarian, gluten-free, and organic. So, they probably can’t taste good, can they? OH YES THEY CAN.

These candy bars are perfect for me because the only soy is in the lecithin, and two of them don’t contain almonds. I really had to pace myself with these – do you have any idea how hard it was NOT to eat them all at once? Wow, willpower!

The three bars I’ve tried are:

Crisp – milk chocolate with a crispy ad creamy chocolate center. These are similar to Three Musketeers bars, but they have a LOT more flavor, are creamier, and do have little crisps in the center which really give it a nice consistency. This was “died and went to heave” gluten-free candy goodness. So many gluten-free chocolates have an edge to them – but not these. This was smooth, chocolatey, and delicious.

Snow – white chocolate with a sweet and creamy coconut center. Well, then. If you have a sweet tooth, this bar is for you. Perfect white chocolate flavor coats a thick but tender coconut cake-type filling. It reminds me of a Mounds bar, but of course, with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. I would never know this was non-gmo or gluten-free unless I read the package. Yum.

Dark – rich cocoa and almond center. I can’t eat almond, but I’ll admit, after eating the other two bars, I had to know what this one tasted like. So I was bad and tried a few bites. In any case, I do believe dark chocolate lovers will enjoy this. The almonds are cut up into a very nice consistency, almost like coconut, and they’re packed in there. I’m not normally a dark chocolate fan, but this grew on me pretty much immediately. It was not easy walking away from it!

You can learn more about Betty Lou’s awesome products at The biggest problem you’ll have with Betty Lou’s Angell candy bars is trying to figure out which one is your favorite! But guess what? I have one Snow and one Dark up for grabs, for free! (Sorry, I’m going to eat the other Crisp – you’re lucky I don’t eat the other Snow, too!) Just write a comment below about being gluten-free, which flavor you would like, or ask a question about Betty Lou’s, and you’ll be entered to win.

I’ve been acquainted with Betty Lou’s for a while now, and I’ll be writing about those products soon. Meanwhile, where can you buy Betty Lou’s items? Enter your zip code into their store finder and you’ll be all set! In case you’re wondering, I find their products at Sprouts.



11 thoughts on “Betty Lou’s Gluten-Free Angell Candy Bars

  1. Since my daughter has just gone gluten free. I will enter for the dark chocolate, since you pigged out on the milk chocolate crisps. LOL! For some reason she says she doesn’t like coconut. Can you imagine that? I checked to see if these products were carried any where near me. And I found one store downtown. I was quite surprised to say the least. I was sure I would have to go to Tulsa or order online. Thanks!


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