Free Gluten-Free Sample Extravaganza

free-arrow-964733_960_720Okay peoples, here are a bunch of gluten-free items that I am not going to try eating – some of them contain soy, others just don’t interest me. So, I want to extend them to you. I will send you these items (yes, I’m not kidding) via US Mail (US addresses only, please) so you can try these items FOR FREE and you’ll know if you like them or not. If you want to write a review and send it to me, that’s welcome, but not necessary. I just want to make sure people get to try these things without having to fork out the money. Yes I’m paying for postage. It’s fine. Let’s just do this!

So, leave a comment below letting me know which samples you’d like. Also, go back through the past two weeks’ worth of posts and check to see if there are any items you’d like there, as well. I’ve included links below so you don’t have to go looking for them. I’ve also got loads of coupons that I’ll include in your package. Pretty sweet, eh? And all you have to do is tell me what you want. (If there’s a link, leave your comment on that article, please.) Make sure to comment by December 3rd. Now, ready, set, go get your free samples! (Tell your friends, spread the word – let’s get these items into the hands of people who want them. Please, don’t make me work for this. I’m tired!) Continue reading

Betty Lou’s “Just Great Stuff” Bars

just-great-stuff-1These Betty Lou’s “Just Great Stuff” antioxidant, organic, gluten-free, vegan bars contain lots of servings of fruits and/or vegetables. Fruits? Sure, yum, right? But vegetables? I see some of you making faces out there. Okay, maybe it was just me.

I have to say, the thought of eating the Fruit + Veggie bar, which contains antioxidants equivalent to 11 servings of spinach, carrots, and dates, seemed mildly horrifying to me. And that first, soft bite was filled with spinach flavor. I wasn’t certain this was going to happen for me. But then, I realized it was mostly the consistency that I had an issue with, so I put the bar in the refrigerator. BAM! SO much better, and for some reason, I tasted more dates (and a hint of banana) than I did the first time. I could still taste the spinach, but it blended in nicely with the other flavors. And I enjoyed it! Shush! Please, please don’t tell my mother I actually ate my vegetables. Continue reading

Betty Lou’s Gluten Free Fruit Bars

betty-lous-fruit-blueberry-barsOn the front of the Betty Lou’s Fruit Bar packaging, it says “Tastes Like a Piece of Pie!”  Yes, that is indeed true. I have tried (months ago) both the Blueberry and the Apple flavors, and they are just bursting with flavor. They look more like a Fig Newton on steroids (see photo), but don’t taste like them.

On the back of the packaging they refer to the crust as flaky – I’m not really getting that, but it’s okay. The crust is hearty and does not overpower the filling. It’s a great balance.

Here are the stats (based on the blueberry): Calories 190; Total Carbs 41. But the flavor is worth it, especially whereas it contains none of the 8 major allergens defined by the FDA, which includes gluten, soy, and nuts, and these guys are both Non-GMO and vegan. Honestly, I’d never have known the latter if I hadn’t read it.betty-lous-fruit-blueberry

If you are on the road or even at home and you want something quick and delicious to eat, go for one of these. I’ve got an Apple Cinnamon and a Strawberry up for grabs, as well as two PB&J Bars: Strawberry and Blueberry. Just leave a comment below letting me know which kind and flavor you’d like and we’ll get you hooked up. Remember, US residents only, please. Shipping ain’t cheap!

You can learn more about these at


Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages?

mikes-hard-lemonade-coziesOddly enough (or not), the first thing many people panic about when they learn they can no longer have gluten is not being able to drink alcohol. Now, of course, there are alcohol beverages which are naturally gluten-free, like Tequila (made from agave), Vodka (made from potatoes), and Wine (made from fruit). Now, these are LOGICAL conclusions, but there are of course manufacturers out there who may add gluten to these to make the processing more cost-effective. So it is always important to check the labels. You can find a pretty comprehensive list of gluten-free alcohol, including specific brands, at urban tastebud.

It was interesting to see a few different alcoholic beverage choices at the Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Expo. It hadn’t occurred to me since I’m also allergic to alcohol. Now, what I found most curious about these beverages is that they don’t claim to be gluten-free, they list themselves as “crafted to remove gluten.” What the heck does that mean, we ask? Continue reading

Betty Lou’s Gluten-Free Smackers

smackers-betty-lou-gluten-free-biteWell, I was not expecting this. After the amazing and knock-your-socks-off Angell bars, I was expecting Smackers to really wow me. They did not.

I was given two samples – one Caramel Peanut flavor, and one Peanut Butter which is a milk chocolate-covered peanut butter patty. I elected to try the first.

The consistency was more like a sports protein bar than a candy bar, which surprised me. Also, the amazing chocolate flavor of the Angell bar did not happen here. I couldn’t really taste the chocolate or the caramel, and the peanut nougat flavor was very, very mild.

Compared to a candy bar, this was disappointing. Compared to a sports nutrition bar, this was pleasant. I’m really not certain which Betty Lou’s is going for here, so it’s hard to make a determination. Continue reading

daiya Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Gluten- & Dairy-Free Pizza


After cooking for 15 minutes in a 475 oven.

After tasting the cheese quesadillas daiya offered at the Gluten-free and Allergy Friendly Expo, I had high hopes for their pizza. So, I went out and purchased a Mushroom & Roasted Garlic “with gourmet ingredients” gluten-free pizza. Now, I’m a big fan of dairy, but I have some friends who aren’t, so I figured I’d give this a try to see if it was any good.

At $7.50 for a pizza that, in my humble opinion, offers two servings (they say three on the package, but I beg to differ), I can’t recommend this to people who CAN eat dairy. If you don’t have a dairy restriction, I highly recommend the Sabatasso’s Pizza from Costco. If you don’t have a Costco membership, then I recommend the Freschetta’s Gluten-Free, which you should be able to find anywhere. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of gluten-free pizza.

So, why do I say this? Continue reading

Enjoy Life Snack Bars

enjoy-life-bars-gluten-freeWell, this wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Sampling the Enjoy Life S’Mores flavor soft baked bar – and I’m not really sure what I think. The presentation is quite nice – see photo. The flavor is good – not quite sure it tastes like a s’more, but I like the way it does taste. I guess what I’m confused about is the consistency. It’s not really holding together as well as it could – it has the potential to crumble when you bite into it. Sort of a sports bar, sort of a cake bar, sort of Rice Krispy bar… Can you see why I’m confused?

enjoy-life-barsAt 140 calories and 25 grams of carbs, I can personally see other things I would eat in their place. But I will say, that if you like this specific flavor, I haven’t run across anything else like it.

All that being said, it is free of the top 8 allergens which include gluten, milk, nut, and soy. Since I can’t have almond or soy as well as gluten, it’s nice to have something else in the wings that I can eat without having to worry about any of those. And it certainly didn’t taste like it was free of all that stuff – it wasn’t lacking in flavor at all.

Don’t take my confused word for it – you can try either the SunSeed crunch (baked chewy bar) or the Cherry Cobbler (soft baked bar) for free! Just leave a comment below with which flavor you’d like and we’ll hook you up. U.S. addresses only, please. I ain’t rich.

For more information, check out

Brazi Bites Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Bread

brazi-bites-img_20161117_075954898_hdrJust wow. These came out of the blue. I’d heard of most of the foods (and had already even tried many of them) at the Gluten Free and Allergy Free Expo, but Brazi Bites? What the heck are those? Well, let me tell you what they are. They are the most amazing morsels of heavenly bread – yes I said BREAD – that I have eaten in my over ten years of being gluten-free. Okay, they are actually Brazilian Cheese Bread, but I think I like my description better.

I’ve tried so many different breads, including Udi’s bagettes, but this bread – OMG. Now, keep in mind, this is not sandwich bread or slicing bread. These are bread balls. But they would go fabulously with salad or steak or pasta or at parties or for breakfast… Okay, I’ll be quiet now. Ha! No I won’t. Continue reading

Betty Lou’s Energy Balls

img_20161115_161246083-nuts-over-chocolate-energy-ballI’m becoming an enormous fan of Betty Lou’s. Her energy balls are just great. I’ve tried three different flavors so far:  Paleo Java with cacao, coffee and pumpkin seeds, Coconut Macadamia, and the Vegan Protein Plus Chocolate Hazelnut. I have also had something which now confuses me since I can’t find it in the store again; it was like an energy ball but it was filled with creamy hazelnut butter. That was TO DIE FOR. I looked for it again in the store tonight, but unfortunately couldn’t find it. The Sprouts I shop at is a little smaller than some of the others I’ve been to, where I found that absolutely delicious piece of chocolatey heaven.

Okay, enough drooling. Here is my take on the three I tried this week: Continue reading

Enjoy Life Vanilla Honey Graham Handcrafted Crunchy Cookie

enjoy-life-crunchy-cookie-img_20161116_1854184161I’m really not sure how I feel about these cookies. The consistency wasn’t quite either crunchy or chewy, which I was okay with. (They are labeled as “Handcrafted CRUNCHY COOKIE” but I do beg to differ on that.) The flavor was very subtle: neither vanilla, nor honey, nor graham cracker. It was more like a subdued sugar cookie, very light on the sugar. They’re not bad, but they could really use a bit more flavor, whether that be vanilla, or cinnamon, or even ginger. I am feeling very unfulfilled right now.

These cookies are milk free, nut free, soy free, and of course gluten free. They are also non-GMO verified. Even so, with the price of food today, I’ll be passing on purchasing these. This is one time where I am grateful that I received a sample and didn’t have to pay for a box myself. You can also benefit from the one sample I have of this cookie and find out for yourself if you like it. Just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win this sample.

You can learn more about Enjoy Life’s 7 different crunchy cookies at