Wild Planet Gluten-Free Tuna Rocks – Because Not All Tuna Is Gluten-Free!!

wild planet gluten free albacore tunaYes, you heard that correctly. I bet you, like I used to, thought tuna was safe from gluten because it’s fish. Well, think again. Most of those cans say “packed in water” – right? Well, guess what? It’s not really water. It’s vegetable broth or chicken broth – and guess what? That’s got gluten in it.

I’ve only come across three types of tuna available in mainstream grocery stores which are gluten-free: Bumble Bee Albacore (gold and black label),  certain Starkist products, and Wild Planet. I have to say, there’s no contest in taste and consistency. Wild Planet wins that by a long shot.

But that’s not the only reason Wild Planet wins my business. It is 100% pure tuna and sea salt – nothing else. AND no BPA is used in the can lining. AND it’s, of course, non GMO. AND – they are pole and troll caught. That means they are dolphin and sea turtle safe! Even better, though – Wild Planet catches smaller tuna that accumulate less mercury than the bigger fish.

When you open a can of Wild Planet, you will see an actual chunk of fish. It’s not a bunch of fish pressed together. You need a fork to get it out. And maybe a knife! This is the real deal, people! Since no liquid is added, you don’t have to drain it like you do with other brands. AND, it’s a pop top! No pesky can opener required.

Are you convinced yet? Come on! Let me tell you, every person I have coerced – I mean – convinced to buy a can has never gone back to the other brands. Yes, it’s really THAT good.

Catch? There’s no catch (other than the tuna. Sorry, bad fish pun). The only thing you might like to know is that the cans are not labeled gluten-free. You can check Wild Planet’s website – in the FAQs they state that the tuna is gluten-free. Just to be sure, however, I contacted them directly (by the way, they are super nice people!), and within a couple of days, I received this response:

…our tuna is gluten free but it is on our site  and not the can label.  Our organic chicken is the only one that is listed on the top label of the can. The gluten free statement is listed in each of our site product descriptions.  Our canneries have chosen not to be certified at this time, however gluten products are not handled in our present canneries.   Plus we have tested all of our products including the tuna and they have all tested gluten free.”

So you can rest assured, it’s all gluten-free. Great product, great people, and gluten-free. GO GET SOME NOW!

And don’t ruin the fish by putting a lot of stuff in your tuna salad. A little bit of mayo mixed with a little bit of sour cream (sour cream is way lower in calories and fat than mayo, and has a lighter flavor) and some chopped celery and you will have the best tasting tuna sandwich EVER. I also like to eat it like dip on tortilla and potato chips. SO good!

If you want to try  Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna but you’re a little iffy about the price, check your neighborhood Costco. They offer a pack of six at a great price.


Gluten-Free Shopping 101: Part 3

Recently, a number of friends have been diagnosed with gluten-intolerance – so I wanted to put something together to help them shop for gluten-free food. Last week’s video takes place at a WalMart store, and this week, we take on Costco. Of course, you can apply the lessons to any store. I will continue the series with additional episodes in Trader Joe’s, and even Target to help folks shop gluten-free with confidence.

Please keep in mind, I’m a writer, not a videographer, so sometimes I forget I’m filming and the picture goes off the rails a bit. And the splicing isn’t perfect. In any case, I hope this video is helpful.