Lean Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken – GLUTEN FREE

lean cuisine comfort herb roasted chicken gluten free

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Well, this was surprising. After cooking this meal in Lean Cuisine’s “Comfort” food series for 6.5 minutes on high, I was expecting rubber. Not so.

The chicken was a large piece of white meat breast – and you could even tell by looking at it that’s what it was. The sauce on it was a light, yet savory, cream of mushroom style with real mushrooms in it. I’m not sure where they get “herb roasted.” Maybe it was, but I couldn’t taste them. The mushroom sauce complemented it nicely, so I didn’t miss the herb flavors. The red potatoes in fact had their skin on and were very tender. The broccoli was just a hair overdone (I like it really well cooked anyway, but if you like it crispy, forget about it), and those veggies were inundated with red peppers. Why???

The outside edges of the chicken were a little tough, but it was cooked in a microwave, so what do you expect? The consistency isn’t horrible by any means, but it certainly doesn’t have the pull-apart moistness of a fresh-roasted chicken. But what do you want for $1.88 on sale?

Here are your nutritional statistics:

ONLY 170 calories; 4g fat; 510mg sodium; 18g carbs; 16g protein.

Despite the fact that red peppers were fused via nuking to a couple of the potatoes, this one’s a winner in my book.


6 thoughts on “Lean Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken – GLUTEN FREE

  1. Good to know! Have you tried any of the Udi’s brand frozen meals? I found them by accident in my local market and was compelled to try both lasagna flavors (something meatless with kale, and one with sausage), which is really odd because prior to going g-free, I never once had the desire to eat a frozen meal, let alone a thing I grew up eating since I grew teeth. Odder still, both were flppin’ delicious.


  2. We just had this dinner last night (before checking out your blog this morning.) Your review is spot on. As you know, the hubs and I are successfully losing weight on Lean Cuisines for dinner!


    • Cool, thanks! And awesome that you guys are having success with it. I *might* lose weight with it if I could lay off the gluten-free cookies and ice coffee loaded with sugar LOL


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