Cole’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Coles Cinnamon Roll IMG_20150416_142237587OMGFG (Oh My Gluten-Free God – and frankly, I can’t believe I even had to explain that), this cinnamon roll from Cole’s Fine Foods needs to be eaten slowly and savored.

Jeanine at Cole’s told me this cinnamon roll might be a little dry because it had been frozen. Whether it was or not isn’t really pertinent. What is? To think of how dreamy these must be fresh out of the Cole’s oven. The icing is delicious, the cinnamon tucked into each crease perfect, and the bottom is gooey with awesomeness like regular wheat cinnamon rolls. And the center? Tender, moist, and laden with spice and sugar and everything that makes the Pillsbury DoughBoy go running because he knows this cinnamon roll will kick his ass with one hand tied behind its back. That final, last bite is a burst of cinnamony awesomeness. (Yes, I can make up words, I’m a writer!)

Wowza. If you miss feeling like a kid enjoying big, gooey cinnamon rolls, give Cole’s a call. You can always ask them to ship them to you if you don’t live near Spokane. Now,  pardon me whilst I go lick my plate.


Cole’s Fine Foods
521 E. Holland, Suite 20
Spokane, WA 99218
Place an order: 509-419-1739


2 thoughts on “Cole’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

  1. I am an avid baker and finding anything commercially made that tastes 80% like homemade is a huge challenge. I have yet to conquer GF adaptation since working and baking experimentation don’t fully blend. I am thankful for those companies that are rising to the challenge.


    • Cole’s is great. Jeanine does a fabulous job there. The croutons I brought back in March for that birthday party were from her. I haven’t had croutons like them since. I need to get back and get more! 🙂 Now they also serve onion rings and those are AMAZING….


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