Cooking Tip: Sauteed Onions

sautee onions IMG_1872 Single living can make for a lot of food waste. Of course, you can’t buy half an onion, so if you only want to sautee a small amount for a sandwich or omelette, what do you do with the rest? It’ll sit, cut in half, in the refrigerator until it gets nasty. Am I right?

So cook the entire onion.

You might as well – it takes the same time, and just a little more effort to slice up the rest of it. Sautee it until just before it’s done, then divide it up into single-serving sized containers. Freeze those, then take one out whenever you want a sandwich. I prefer to freeze in glass containers, that way I can just pop them in the microwave and defrost/heat them. Once they’re thawed, throw them in with your omelette, sauces, what have you. A quick and easy GLUTEN FREE solution to preventing food waste that adds nice flavor to any meal.

sautee onions IMG_1880


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