Gluten-Free Dole Sweet Corn Garden Soup

Dole gluten free garden soup IMG_20150311_182017276This was not really for me. I thought maybe there would be chunks or bits of corn and maybe onion in it – but it is basically a straight puree.

It’s certainly easy enough to heat up – 2:30 in my 1100 watt microwave oven for the serving you see in the photo. I included the heels of Udi’s White bread for some substance. They were good for dipping. (Of course, butter makes EVERYTHING better.)

The flavor was okay; I’m sensitive to white pepper – it burns the back of my throat, so I’m pretty sure this contains some. The ingredients are all natural and pronounceable.

130 calories, 1g fat, 470mg sodium, 300 mg potassium, 30 carbs, 4 g protein.

Not bad, but I’d probably only buy it again if I had dental work and couldn’t eat solid food. Since I have two servings of this stuff left, I will probably add some corn and chicken to it and pretend it’s chicken corn chowder. Now that’s making lemonade, eh?

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