WeightWatchers Smart Ones – Chicken Mesquite

GF Smart Ones Mesquite Chicken IMG_0385I did some research online and found a number of Smart Ones frozen meals to be gluten-free. Now, these meals are not labeled as such. But if you check the allergens listed at the end of the ingredients on the Chicken Mesquite, you will find it says Contains Milk, Soy. Not wheat.

This Chicken Mesquite is described as “white meat chicken smothered with a smoky mesquite-flavored sauce with ranch redskin smashed potatoes.”

Mind you, I have the absolute most sensitive palette of anyone I have ever met. The first few bites of the chicken were good – hot, tender, tasty. But then the back of my throat started to burn, and that spread to my tongue, the rest of my mouth, and my lips. FIRE! Again, I think the spicy chicken nuggets at Wendy’s should come with a fire extinguisher, so 99 percent of the population would NOT think these are even remotely spicy. But I did. And I’m writing about me. LOL

In any case, the potatoes were really, really awesome. I’m so glad I saved those for last. If you want a meal with a bite for around $2.00 on sale – Chicken Mesquite is for you.


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