BumbleBar – Harvest Hazelnut

bumblebar comp 032014 IMG_2031I’m a big fan of hazelnut. So when I saw this gluten-free BumbleBar brand Organic Energy Bar in Harvest Hazelnut, I had to give it a try. Price: $1.98.


It wasn’t really all that hazelnutty. And it was very sticky to the touch, and to my teeth. And to be honest, it was so chewy that my jaw was actually tired by the time I was done. It is comprised of sesame seeds and brown rice syrup, and that was what I tasted. Hazelnuts are fifth on the list of ingredients.

I’m not a big fan of sesame seed bars. I find they have a bitterness to them that doesn’t do anything for me. There was a hint of cinnamon which was very pleasant.

Despite that, I would try other Bumble Bars. I like to support local businesses, and these folks are right here in Spokane Valley. And, they donate to build a school in Ethiopia with each purchase. You can learn more about Bumble Bar at BumbleBar.com.

bumblebar 03202014 IMG_2036

bumblebar nutrition IMG_2034


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