Cole’s Fine Foods – Gluten-Free Goodies

coles gluten-free scones 032715Have you ever eaten something that tasted so good that you did not want to eat anything else for hours afterwards so you could keep that taste in your mouth? That is how good the gluten-free angel food cake is at Cole’s Fine Foods. In fact, while I was there, a man who is not gluten-free came in to buy one for a cookout because he said it was better then regular angel food cake. Can’t get there to buy your own cake? Get their angel food cake mix and you can make it at home whenever you want.coles angel food cake mix 032715

coles angel food 032715I am regretting not buying that last piece of angel food cake. I wouldn’t have eaten it, no – I would have built a shrine to it at home. A little crown, a little throne, some gold coins – I don’t know. I’ve never done this shrine thing before (as far as you know). Why a shrine? Because one thing the folks at Cole’s have down pat that I have not experienced in all my years of eating gluten-free is an amazing and superior consistency that makes it indistinguishable from food with wheat flour in it.  Jeanine, the proprietor, must have thought I was nuts, because honestly, when I bit into the lemon bar, it brought tears to my eyes. No, not because it was too tart, but because, in nearly 4000 days, I have not tasted something that incredible that was gluten-free. (No, I’m not an emo. I used to be a foodie. Then food allergies came.) The dinner rolls and bread also had phenomenal consistency not usually found in gluten-free food. The flavor and consistency of the Italian herbed bread knocked my socks off. Continue reading

Cole’s Fine Foods: Gluten-Free Lemon Bars

coles fine foods lemon barI’m in love. Seriously. I want to marry this lemon bar. Do they allow that in Washington State? I don’t care. I’ll be an outlaw.

I just do not know how Jeanine at Cole’s Fine Foods does it. This lemon bar – the consistency and flavor – rival and surpass that of any gluten-mongering pastry I’ve ever had. How. Does. She. Do. It? </Shatner>  The pastry-style bottom has just the right amount of flakiness yet has a wonderful sort of shortbread consistency and taste to it. Most gluten-free shortbread I’ve had has been like sweetened sand. Not this. It’s perfect. As is the filling. I am in awe.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this infinity.

Run, do not walk, down to Cole’s in North Spokane and get yourself a gross of these things.


Cole’s Fine Foods
521 E. Holland, Suite 20
Spokane, WA 99218
Place an order: 509-419-1739

I’ll be writing more about Cole’s next weekend. You don’t have to wait for that, though. Go try them out for yourself.

Larabar Uber Coconut Macaroon Review

LARA UBER bar IMG_2002The Larabar Uber Coconut Macaroon Sweet and Salty Fruit & Nut Bar is gluten-free, non-GMO, and Kosher. I paid $1.78 for one.

I have to say I am a coconut lover so I was disappointed. I expected it to taste mostly like coconut, but found the dominating flavor to be that of dates and/or raisins. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. When I checked, dates are the second listed ingredient, after almonds. Coconut is actually listed fourth.

The consistency was good and hearty, and pretty sticky. It was more like a trail bar.

It was a quick and convenient snack, and tasty, but not macaroonish at all. Personally, I would not purchase it again. I’m a fan of coconut, not dates.

lara uber bar IMG_2004

BumbleBar – Harvest Hazelnut

bumblebar comp 032014 IMG_2031I’m a big fan of hazelnut. So when I saw this gluten-free BumbleBar brand Organic Energy Bar in Harvest Hazelnut, I had to give it a try. Price: $1.98.


It wasn’t really all that hazelnutty. And it was very sticky to the touch, and to my teeth. And to be honest, it was so chewy that my jaw was actually tired by the time I was done. It is comprised of sesame seeds and brown rice syrup, and that was what I tasted. Hazelnuts are fifth on the list of ingredients.

I’m not a big fan of sesame seed bars. I find they have a bitterness to them that doesn’t do anything for me. There was a hint of cinnamon which was very pleasant.

Despite that, I would try other Bumble Bars. I like to support local businesses, and these folks are right here in Spokane Valley. And, they donate to build a school in Ethiopia with each purchase. You can learn more about Bumble Bar at

bumblebar 03202014 IMG_2036

bumblebar nutrition IMG_2034

Gluten-Free Luna Lemon Zest Bar

Gluten-free lemon zest Luna BarYou read that title correctly: Luna is now making some of their snack bars gluten-free. Finally!

I’d eaten some Luna bars in the past because the ingredients didn’t include wheat. And their lemon flavor was one that I found to be “okay.” But the new, gluten-free version is packed with excellent lemony flavor, and is chewy and crispy at the same time. I call this one a winner!

The amazing thing about this new edition is that it’s also low-glycemic and certified organic.

Stats: 180 calories, 5 g fat, 0 cholesterol, 27 carbs, 9 g protein.

Unfortunately, it contains organic roasted soybeans and organic soy flour – and I try to stay away from soy. Otherwise, I’d keep this bar on hand all the time. But for anyone else, if you like lemon, grab up a bunch when you see them on sale.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – not soy free.

Lemon Zest Luna Bar Gluten-free