French Meadow Bakery Fudge Brownie

152 french meadow brownieMmmm…chocolately. French Meadow Bakery knows how to use chocolate, that’s for sure. I also had their chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and man, oh man were those good. I found the cake part to be just a little bit dry, but the icing made up for it. That, and a cold glass of milk.

The brownies are moist in the middle but just a little dry and crumbly on the outside. Dry, you say? I fixed that with 15 seconds in the microwave and a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream. Definitely a treat. Good consistency. Good flavor.

You can learn more about French Meadow Bakery – which was actually the first Certified Organic Bakery in the USA – at their website:

This one was purchased at the Tripoli Bakery which has quite a few locations in northeastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. (Thanks, Mom!)



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