Gorton’s Gluten-Free Grilled Salmon Fillets

672 salmonThank you, Gortons, for this delicious, gluten-free fish. The Classic Grilled Gluten-Free Salmon Fillets are definitely winners. Sure, it would be easy enough to pawn nasty salmon off on those poor Celiac people, but no. Good stuff. Trust me.

Like their grilled pollock, I found it amusing to discover two pieces of frozen fish resembling bricks. (Hmmm… fish bricks and fish sticks?) But I have to admit, these did cook up very nicely. No nasty, fatty veins or slimy, pungent brown sections. Just nice, tasty, pink wild-caught salmon. I like salmon on salad, and when I broke this piece up, I actually found a bone in it. So, yeah, it’s real fish.

I find salmon to be more filling than white fish, which makes these servings quite generous. Each brick has 90 calories, 2g fat, 350mg sodium, only 3g carbs, and 15g protein.

And, I got these on sale for $2.99 a box. That’s an incredibly reasonable per pound price for salmon.

You can read more about these at http://gortons.com/product/classic-grilled-salmon and you can learn about all of Gortons’ gluten-free fish at http://gortons.com/products-browse?category=49&species=All



687 gortons salmon



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