Eating Right Gluten Free Margherita Pizza Review

473 pizza malfunctionStop the presses! This is something to write home about. (Two cliches, one paragraph. You’re welcome.)

Seriously, this EATING RIGHT Gluten Free Margherita Pizza is pretty good, especially for a microwave pizza. For $2.99 (regular prize at my local Safeway), you get a filling, gluten-free personal pizza that takes up to 3 minutes to cook.

The pizza I got seemed to have had a wardrobe malfunction, with the topping slipping down revealing a naked crust. Oh, the humanity! So I tossed some shredded Italian cheese mix on there to cover it up. The box calls for 2-1/2 to 3 minutes, and I cooked it for the fully 3 since I like my food really hot. 3 was probably a little too long. Lesson learned (crust got a little hard around the outside). But no matter, it was actually fun watching it cook! The cheese bubbled frantically, spewing over the edges of the crust, taking some tomatoes with it like a barrel over Niagara Falls. And it smelled great while it was cooking.

The super-duper mystery silver disc they give you really does make (at least parts of) the crust crispy. That was a surprise. In the middle, where most of the non-suicidal tomatoes were located, the crust was a little too moist. That needed to be cut with a knife and fork. But the rest was fairly easily sliced and eaten by hand.

Stats: 400 Calories, 18g fat (I know, ouch!), 520mg sodium, 49g carbs, 10g protein; and worth every gram. Great for lunches. I’ll be doing this again, for certain.


475 micro pizza


4 thoughts on “Eating Right Gluten Free Margherita Pizza Review

  1. Mine had the same wardrobe malfunction, on both the cheese and the margherita versions. I kind of wish they’d make a 3-pack or so of just the crusts and crisper disks, so I could top it myself.

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  2. Hey do you know if those Eating Right for Gluten Free Margherita Pizzas are still available in stores near you? They were my favorite, and I’ve been calling around to different Safeways everywhere trying to find out the UPC number so my local store can order them. Thanks!

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    • Hi there, Sorry, but I have no idea! I will try looking in Spokane when I go there this week, but my local Safeway doesn’t seem to care ANY of the Eating Right gluten-free meals anymore! I don’t know what’s up with that, and when I asked, they didn’t even seem to realize that they weren’t carrying them anymore.


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