Taos Mountain Toasted Coconut Energy Bar

IMG_5705 taos mountain

Sorry, I had to eat some of it. I was hungry!

Yum. As a coconut lover, this bar was great. The main flavor was toasted coconut with what I thought was the occasional date, but oddly it doesn’t actually contain any dates. It is made solely of almonds, coconut, honey, coconut sugar, chia seeds, pure ground vanilla beans, and sea salt. (Just about half of those ingredients are organic.) I’ve had alleged coconut bars in the past made of similar ingredients, and those have been hard as a rock. This Taos Mountain Energy Bar was nice and chewy and left a pleasant toasted coconut taste in my mouth (as opposed to the normal nasty bitter sesame hull taste).

I found this chunk of coconut goodness at a coffee shop for $2.75. I’d normally say ouch over that price, but I really only ate half of it in the first sitting. Try one yourself and decide. It was a lot nicer in flavor and consistency than most gluten-free coconut bars I’ve tried.

You can learn more about Taos Mountain Energy Bars on their website here: http://www.tmebars.com/about-us/our-bars/





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