LARABAR Cashew Cookie Bar

IMG_5670 lara bar cashew cookieIn my attempt to eat healthier, I decided to have a LARABAR Cashew Cookie bar instead of a serving of delicious tortilla chips. I wanted something not too sweet, and I figured the saltiness of cashews would do the trick. Eh. The consistency was decent – not the nasty sports bar consistency by any means. The flavor was extremely mild. Occasionally I would get a hint of cashews or dates, but otherwise, it was just a sort of bland but not unpleasant fruitish flavor. Interestingly, there are ONLY two ingredients in this LARABAR: non-gmo cashews and dates. I lucked out and got this on sale for 99 cents.

A bit higher in calories and fat than the tortillas, I hoped it would curb my in-between-meal snacking needs. I’ll let you know how that goes in about 20 minutes. 😉 Here are the stats:

230 calories; 13g fat; 23g carbs; 6g protein; only 5mg of sodium; 10% daily requirement of iron; and other stuff.

What I really like about some LARABARs is that not only are they gluten free, but they are also soy free. I am not a fan of soy. If you are looking for a something to take with you on a plane or hiking or what-have-you, especially if you can find it for 99 cents, I recommend this LARABAR for convenient on-the-go snacking.

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