Smart Ones Cheesy Scramble with Hash Browns

smart ones cheesy scramble IMG_5022Let me start out by saying that nowhere does WeightWatchers claim that this is gluten-free. But if you look at the ingredients, you will notice wheat is not listed amongst the allergens at the end. Eggs and milk the only allergens listed. Xanthan gum is used in the eggs and cheese sauce which is normally a good indication there will be no gluten. However, it is never guaranteed.

I got this “Smart Beginnings” breakfast on sale for $2.50 at the local Safeway. You can probably do better somewhere more traveled.

210 Calories, 9 grams of fat, 15 grams of protein, and 510 mg of sodium. A total of 3 minutes cook time. Very easy.

Flavor? I thought the potatoes were a little too peppery. Could be the bell peppers, but I’m not sure. I prefer crispy hash browns, and these were not. The eggs, however, had good flavor and consistency. I’m not sure where they get the idea it’s a “cheesy” scramble – I didn’t really notice any cheese sauce.

All in all, if you’re starting out a busy day, need a decent protein-laden breakfast, and only have a few minutes – this is the way to go.

Learn more at


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