G/F Salmon Sandwich

salmon sandwich comp IMG_3860The biggest inconvenience about being gluten-free – to me, anyway – is that “quick and easy” meals are hard to find. Gluten-free snacks are either too spicy for me or really high in sugar. So, this quick and easy lunch makes me very happy.


  • Leftover Salmon or Chicken
  • Udi’s White Sandwich Bread (or your favorite)
  • Mayonniase
  • Cucumber
  • Smoked Gouda Cheese

Got leftover salmon? Break it up with a fork. Stir in your favorite mayonnaise, or some cream cheese, or even plain yogurt would work. Toast some Udi’s White Sandwich Bread (or your choice). Udi’s bread is a smaller that most breads, so you can probably use 3 cucumber slices and 3/4 of a slice of cheese to fit nicely. Serve with gluten-free chips or sweet potato fries.

Quick, easy, inexpensive, and above all, classy. Come on, cucumbers on a sandwich? That’s classy!



3 thoughts on “G/F Salmon Sandwich

  1. This would not be enough for me for lunch, but perfect simple snack it is! For lunch, I would make a bowl of spinach salad dropped with lemon juice and perhaps double the amount of salmon, but overall it sounds delicious. And it is exactly as you said: simple, quick & easy gluten-free recipes are truly hard to find! Thank you for adding this one to my imaginary cookery book!

    But I was wondering, what do you think about gluten-free restaurants? According to this article Gluten Free Restaurants, for instance, vast majority of gluten-free restaurants are not in fact gluten-free. As a rather newcomer into this diet, the information is striking for me. Can I or can I not rely on restaurant menus? Or do I have to cook on my own from now on?


    • Part of the restaurant thing depends upon how sensitive you are. Some have designated gluten-free sections for food preparation, some don’t. I’m not as sensitive as many people, so I’m fairly lucky. Looking up the menu online in advance is a good practice. When I used to eat out a lot (on the East Coast), I’d call in advance – at a slow time for the restaurant – and talk to someone about how the food was prepared. Unfortunately, it does take an investment in time, but it’s worth it for our health.


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