G/F Pizza Steel Cage Match: Udi’s Brand

Udi's Gluten Free Cheese PizzaIMG_1701I was so very excited when I saw pizza in the gluten-free freezer case at WalMart. Pizza is one of the foods I really do miss from my gluten-mongering days. So when I saw both Amy’s and Udi’s had gluten-free pizza available, I grabbed them. You can read my Amy’s review here.

A few comparison notes:

Amy’s pizza is about one dollar more than Udi’s. The calories, carbs, and protein are about the same. Amy’s pizza is 12 ounces and they expect you to get 3 servings out of it. Udi’s is 10 ounces and they divide that bad boy into two servings. All-in-all, very close.

Amy’s is non GMO and uses organic rice flour and tomatoes. It does contain soy.

Black Olive Pizza IMG_1704Of course, I couldn’t *just* make a cheese pizza. I doctored it up with some extra cheese and some black olives. Then in the oven it went.

Cook time was just a minute or so longer than what they had on the box.

Awesome. Delicious. Wonderful. Gluten-free pizza that does NOT taste gluten-free. The tomato sauce is just lovely and just the right amount. The light dusting of herbs adds a very pleasant flavor. The only problem I had with this pizza is that the cheese and sauce do tend to melt over the edges of the crust and drop down onto my precious blue oven. That’s a no-no. Since then, I’ve tried wrapping the edges in foil, or placing foil on a rack below, but that does prevent the crust from getting as crispy. If you’re not as anal about your oven – or your crust – as I am, you shouldn’t have an issue. (Okay, I’ll admit, in the pursuit of perfect crust and a clean oven, I tried cooking it on the “Convection Crisp” setting. Don’t do that. Seriously. Just don’t.)

This pizza is now my stand-by I’m too tired to make anything dinner/lunch. I always keep one or two in the freezer. And I always look forward to leftovers the next day, heated up in the toaster oven. Hot, crispy goodness, that is.


You can always read more about Udi’s pizza at http://udisglutenfree.com/products/three-cheese-pizza/

Udi's Gluten Free Pizza IMG_1705


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