Josie’s Corner Cafe & Bake Shop, Fargo ND


Josie’s Corner Café & Bake Shop
524 Broadway
Fargo, ND 58102
How nice was it to find this charming little place on a corner in Fargo after driving for hours in blinding snow all the way from Morris, Manitoba?  It was really, really nice.  And how much of a bonus was it to discover that Josie’s carries home made gluten-free cookies?  It was a HUGE bonus! 

On this cold and snowy day, to be able to get warmed up with hot tea in this cozy corner café was just wonderful.  We sat by the window, watching the snow and coddling our teas, enjoying our sweet cookie treats. 

The warm lighting, colorful artwork and stamped tin ceiling made for a lovely atmosphere.  Josie’s was a rejuvenating stop after a very stressful morning.

Review: Freshies Coffee Company, Fernie, BC

Freshies Coffee Company
Victoria Avenue
Fernie, BC, Canada


What a wonderful place for a coffee break, or for a cup of tea, and for a baked treat.  Freshies was clean, with an eclectic ambiance spurred by the music and the artwork on the interesting stone walls.  Not only was the staff super friendly, they were familiar with celiac disease and a light went on when I asked if there was anything wheat-free.  And there was!  The gluten-free cookies and goods were made on-site and were delicious.  So was the coffee.