White Box Pies Bakery and Café Review

I have two favorite food places in the world:  Lou’s Café on West 52nd Street in New York City, and White Box Pies Bakery and Café in Spokane, Washington.

What constitutes a favorite food place?  Quality of food, knowledge-level and courteousness of the staff, cleanliness and price should all be considerations.  But a favorite food place, just as any favorite anything, should give a person a feeling of comfort and pleasure.  Both restaurants provide those.  However, White Box also provides gluten-free meals and desserts. 

Only a person with food allergies can fully appreciate feeling “safe” in an eatery.  White Box is one of those safe places; everyone on staff knows about gluten.  You won’t find a couple of uninformed, not to mention uncaring, teeny-boppers behind the counter huffing at you when you ask for gluten-free. The staff at White Box is always happy to answer any questions about their creations.

Take feeling safe and add to it amazingly delicious desserts, many of which non-allergic people did not realize were gluten-free, and you’ve got a winning combination.  Cream pies, sugar cookies, brownies, pineapple coconut cake, cheesecakes, chocolate pecan cake, hazelnut cake, cream puffs…and the list goes on.  They are all heavenly.

But that’s not all!  White Box also features gluten-free sandwiches, soups, salads, quiches, and my favorite:  pot pies.  You can eat in or take out, and all these foods are reasonably priced.

Not only is the staff at White Box knowledgeable about gluten-free foods, they are friendly, courteous and all around nice.  It’s a small, family-run business and you can tell they take pride in everything they do.  The ambiance is bright and cheery, with the hum of satisfied patrons at their café-style tables.  And their bathrooms are super clean, too.

Not a Celiac?  Don’t worry, there are plenty of goodies at White Box for you as well.  Pretty much everything they make gluten-free is also available for wheat-eaters.

To top it off, their foods travel and store well.  I am always freezing their cakes and slicing off bits and pieces for snacks or dessert. 

The only problem with White Box Bakery and Café foods is that they are so good, that I usually take a bite out of them before I can get a photo.  When I ate lunch there last week, I did it again; I dove right into the bacon broccoli cheddar quiche without thinking!

And it was during that lunch last Wednesday that I sat at a table in the Café, savoring the piping hot piece of quiche, that the feeling of safety, comfort and pleasure came over me.  I realized I was in a favorite food place.  White Box Bakery and Café is truly one in a million.  Try it out and see if it doesn’t become one of your favorite food places, too.  You can find them at the corner of East Sharp Avenue and Ruby, Spokane, Washington, or on the web at http://www.whiteboxpiesbakery.com.  Check their site for coupons and specials. 

 © 2009  K. S. Brooks


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